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Missiles to Move, Planes to be Reassembled

September 22, 2009

They’re back!

The popular company that moved several airplanes and other large artifacts to the new site of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History will move the last four items from Kirtland Air Force Base to its new location on south Eubank Boulevard the week of September 21, 2009. Worldwide Aircraft Recovery Ltd. will move the Bomarc, Mace, Matador, and Snark cruise missiles.

Worldwide Aircraft Recovery drew crowds when they moved planes for the Museum in late 2008 and early 2009 as the new Museum prepared to open. Elsewhere in the country, Worldwide has provided assistance in a number of projects, including a move of the entire Strategic Air Command Museum and its B-52, B-36, B-58 airplanes, and an Atlas missile.

“We can finally have all of our large artifacts on display in our current location,” said Jim Walther, Director of the Museum. “Visitors will now have an opportunity to see missiles from the Cold War era spread amongst our large aircraft in our outdoor Heritage Park.”

The missiles will be hauled by tractor-trailer approximately two miles to the new Museum, which is adjacent to the Sandia Science and Technology Park and KAFB. The route will take the planes from their current location through the Eubank Boulevard gate to the Museum at Southern and Eubank SE.

While here, the company will also provide the last of the re-assembly of the Museum’s Boeing Stratofortress B-52 and the B29. The B-29 was a revolutionary aircraft, the first intercontinental bomber. At 70,000 pounds, it was the heaviest production bomber built. Its 135,000 pounds fully loaded required an 8,000-foot runway for takeoff. It could cruise above 30,000 feet, out of range of flak and most enemy fighters. Nearly 750 B-52s were built when production ended in October 1963; the Museum’s plane may be one of two B-52B planes still in existence.

Summer Camp - May 29 - August 10

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History will host "Science is Everywhere" Summer Camp 2018 for children who are 6 to 12 years old. Experience the wonders of science in week-long sessions, May 29 - August 10. Sessions include "Code of the Robot," "Chemistry and Intrigue," "Science of the X-scape," "STEMinists," "Spy Kids" and many more!

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100.3 The PEAK FREE Summer Fun Road Show

100.3 The PEAK, an iHeartRadio station, will host its 2018 Free Summer Fun Road Show at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History on Friday, June 22, from 6 am to 10 am. All members of the community are welcome to visit the museum for FREE from 6 am to 10 am on the morning of Friday, June 22, as Albuquerque's own Jackie, Tony and Donnie host their popular morning show inside the museum. Doors will open at 6 am.

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B-47E Stratojet Restoration

Help us restore New Mexico’s only Boeing B-47E Stratojet, serial number 53-2280, one of only 23 surviving B-47 airplanes in existence! This airplane will be the focus of a special initiative within “Operation Preservation” – a multi-year campaign to repaint and refurbish the iconic aircraft in the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s nine-acre outdoor exhibit area, Heritage Park.

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