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Restoration of the Bomarc Missile at the Museum

June 25, 2013

A team of volunteers are working to restore the Bomarc missile at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.  The volunteer team, under the direction of the Museum staff, will take the restoration project from the planning stage to a completed display piece. 

The team conducting the restoration work consists of seven volunteers – two of whom are acting as project leaders. Tasks include cleaning, patching, repainting and stenciling the missile. The nose cone has also been removed for repairs. The work on the Bomarc is expected to continue through the months of June and July. 

“Our volunteers make it possible for us to undertake this this kind of work,” said Melissa Donahoo, the Volunteer Coordinator. “It takes a team of six to eight volunteers for a project the size and scope of the Bomarc.  Volunteers not only increase our workforce, they also bring a level of skill and experience that make these projects so successful.”

The Bomarc was introduced in 1955 and retired in 1972, and was the only surface-to-air missile (SAM) ever deployed by the United States Air Force. It is just one of many iconic artifacts that are in need of restoration. There are four aircraft, several missiles, and a number of other artifacts in need of some refurbishment.  Because these important artifacts “live” in the Museum’s Heritage Park, they are subject to the ravages of the southwestern weather. 

Earlier this summer, the Museum launched “Operation Preservation: The Campaign to Restore the Planes,” which is an ambitious campaign by the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History to raise $200,000 in two years.  Funds raised through the campaign will be used in the restoration of the Museum’s iconic aircraft.  The campaign also seeks to raise human resources in the form of a contingent of volunteers who will conduct the actual refurbishment tasks.

To volunteer in any capacity, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 505-245-2137, extension 122. Contributions to the campaign can be made online here or by contacting the Museum’s Development Department at 505-245-2137, extension 110.

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