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Spring Break Camps - March 21-25

All "Science is Everywhere" Spring Break camps are for grades Kindergarten through 6th. Our outstanding education team has divided camp topics into single-day camps that are multi-age and collaborative camper experiences from 7:30 am-5:30 pm. Each in-person camp will maintain CDC safety protocols, with small camp ratios. All campers and staff must wear a face mask, unless otherwise noted. Campers will need to bring a lunch, two snacks, and a refillable water bottle to each registered camp day. If you have any questions, please contact the Museum Education Enrichment Coordinator, Linda Anderson a 505-245-2137, extension 134, or the Director of Education, Lisa Guida at 505-245-2137, extension 101, or by site cell phone at 505-333-9533.

Morning drop-off as early as 7:30 am and afternoon pick up no later than 5:30 pm. $65/members and $70/non-members. Please bring a lunch, 2 snacks, and refillable water bottle.

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*Limited scholarship opportunities available. Please contact Lisa Guida at for more information.

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March 21

Star Struck (Grades K-2)

Do you wish upon a star or dream of going into space? Join us as we explore the night sky, construct a comet, design a constellation viewer, and fit the solar system in a jar! Let’s try our hand at experimenting like an astronaut.

Reach for the Stars (Grades 3-6)

Take your best shot and land amongst the stars. Join us in cosmic exploration where we’ll dive into the complexities facing NASA scientists when it comes to designing space probes, getting into orbit, and extracting water on Mars. Come analyze your own stellar nebula and create impact craters like those on the Moon in a camp that’s out of this world!

March 22

That’s a Sound Idea (Grades K-2)

Discover the secrets of sound and answer questions like, “How do things make sound?”, “What can sound do?”, and “How can we send messages using sound?” with That’s a Sound Idea: Sound, Vibration, and Communication!

Making Sound Waves (Grades 3-6)

Sound is everywhere. A bird singing, a bouncing basketball, and an opera singer singing...we can hear all of these thanks to sound waves. This camp about sound waves will explore sound and how it works.

March 23

Sensational Senses (Grades K-2)

How do our senses work together? How can they confuse us? Come explore the five senses as we create wonderful smelling lotions, ooey gooey yet gritty sand slime, play hand-made instruments, peer through colorful kaleidoscopes, and try taste switching tablets that turn sour things sweet. Come see, touch, taste, hear, and smell while you prepare to come to your senses.

Adventures in Anatomy (Grades 3-6)

What is the real name of a Funny Bone? How does your heart move blood? What happens to food after you eat it? Do you want to see a brain? Find the answers to these questions and more as you build functioning dioramas of the body’s major systems in this anatomy-themed camp. By the end you’ll be able to point to a whole new body of work!

March 24

A-Maze-ing Mirrors (Grades K-2)

Campers will engage in phenomenon-based curriculum! Answer questions such as “What is Light?”, “How does light get from one point to another?”, “What are the hidden colors of sunlight?”, and so much more!

Magnificent Magnification (Grades 3-6)

Have you ever wondered about the world too small for the human eye? This camp is an in-depth experience for a young microbiologist or health professional! Campers will answer questions such as “What is a cell?”, “How does a microscope work?”, and “What more is there to see of the microscope world?”

March 25

Light Up Your Life (Grades K-2)

Explore all the colors of the rainbow and then some when creating objects that produce and use light. Make candles to take home, vivid rainbow-LED artworks, reveal invisible ink messages, and activate color changing bracelets.

The Light Trap (Grades 3-6)

Light works in wondrous ways! Investigate light’s role in energy transfer and find out how pigments connect science, art, and society. Get hands-on with learning! Use super-black paint, see how coatings are used to make things incredibly dark, explore light refraction, and so much more.

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