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Winter Day Camps - December 20-23 and 27-30

December 20-23 and 27-30

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is thrilled to provide in-person, "Science is Everywhere" Winter Day Camps, December 20-23 and 27-30. Students K-6 can register for one or more days to experience exciting science and fun activities at the museum.

Our education teams has divided camp topics into single day camps that are multi-age collaborative camper experiences from 8:30 am- 3:30 pm, with FREE before-and-aftercare starting at 7:30 am and ending at 5:30 pm. Each in person camp will maintain CDC and state safety protocols (where applicable). All campers and staff must wear face masks unless otherwise noted prior to camp. Enrollment is limited to 20 children per camp.

Winter Break Day camp runs from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Please drop off your camper no earlier than 7:30 AM and pick up on or before 5:30 PM. Late fees apply for campers who have not been picked up by that time. Children should bring 2 snacks, a lunch, and a refillable water bottle each day they are enrolled

Single-day camps are $70.00 per session. Members receive a $5.00 discount on camp enrollment costs.

*Limited scholarship opportunities available. Please contact Lisa Guida at for more information.

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Camp Descriptions

December 20 - Time Travelers (grades K-2)

The youngest children — kindergartners through third graders — will use their knowledge of material culture and the patterns of everyday life to identify the pictures as either around now or long ago. Dates play a very small and often confusing part in young children’s notion of historical time.

December 20 - The Fun of Physics (grades 3-6)

From Newton’s Laws of Motion to Inertia, join us as we gain a better understanding of Physics. With balloon races and salad spinners, we will learn what makes static electricity and how to harness electricity on snap-circuits.

December 21 - Candy Chemistry (Grades K-2)

Join us as we learn about molecule structure using gumdrops to create a molecule good enough to eat. Dive into acid base chemistry by making a gummy worm dance and explore solubility with floating letters on their favorite candies!

December 21 - The Toy Factory (grades 3-6)

Work with campers to come up with criteria to judge toys on (How long does it hold your attention? Fun? Educational?). Set up toy stations around the room and have campers move around the room, rating the toys on each of the categories. See which toys got the best and worst ratings. Have the kids brainstorm ideas for their own toys.

December 22 - Space is a Blast! (grades K-2)

Stars, moons, and planets are some of the miraculous things to learn about space. Join us as we learn about life on the International Space Station, make celestial slime, and learn about rockets!

December 22 - Out of This World (grades 3-6)

We cover all things SPACE in this camp! How can we keep astronauts in tip top shape in space? Can we grow our own food and recycle water? Join us as we explore the challenges astronauts face, explore new ideas to solve problems, design, build, and launch rockets, and more!

December 23 - Winter STEM-sicles (grades K-2)

Have fun this week with winter Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities. Discover how arctic animals stay warm in the cold water, engineer an igloo, and make a snow storm in a jar. The best way to enjoy the winter season is to embrace it.

December 23 - Fire & Ice (grades 3-6)

What is Temperature? Temperature is a measure of the energy of the atoms in a given substance. Using Carbon Dioxide, Sodium Nitrate, and Oxygen, we will explore the properties of fire and ice.

December 27 - Code of the Robot Jr. (grades K-2)

Code a teacher, Code your friends, and Code a tiny robot. Join us as we get into coding in both the physical and digital worlds.

December 27 - Code of the Robot (grades 3-6)

Can we program a tiny robot using colors? Let’s find out! We will learn about the different ways we can code, using Legos, Ozobots, and Crafting beads.

December 28 - Best Day Ever (grades K-2)

Join us in fun-filled day learning about Static Electricity, Solar Energy, and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Elephant Toothpaste, Ozobots, and Slime make learning fun!

December 28 - Got Game? (grades 3-6)

Put your game face on and flex your problem-solving skills with games, riddles, puzzles and more! Learn the secrets behind game creation and design your own game in the process.

December 29 - Under the Sea (grades K-2)

Sand Slime, Ocean Waves in a Bottle, and Blubber Experiments are some of the ways we will explore the deep blue sea. Are you ready for an adventure?

December 29 - Balloon Blast (grades 3-6)

How many ways can balloons be used to demonstrate basic laws of Physics? Balloon Cars, Balloon Launchers, and Balloon Rockets are just some of the ways we will learn about elastic potential energy and beyond.

December 30 - Can You Dig It! (grades K-2)

Learning about rocks can be fun, interactive and even yummy. Join us as we learn about rocks-including the rock cycle, the types of rocks and more! There are so many fascinating ways to explore geology with simple science experiments and geology activities. Join us and be a collector this year!

December 230 - Geology Rocks! (grades 3-6)

Come along and make an erupting volcano, a land-form diorama, and a model of the Earth’s layers. Get cracking with geodes and discover the beautiful secrets hidden inside these plain looking “rocks.” Make fossils, explore and study shells, then set up a complete Rock and Mineral Discovery center.

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