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Design Zone - Now Open

The Smithsonian affiliated, congressionally chartered National Museum of Nuclear Science & History will introduce a very special temporary exhibition, “Design Zone,” February 1 through April 26, where visitors can discover the secrets behind how videogame developers, music producers, roller coaster designers, and other creative problem solvers do what they do.

This engaging exhibit answers the questions, what does it take to create an addictive and fun video game, how many beats per second does a DJ need to get bodies moving on the dance floor, what goes behind creating a roller coaster or a skate park that produces the biggest thrills and more. Design Zone is a highly interactive, hands-on exhibition where visitors can explore a variety of creative concepts to learn the processes and tools needed to create a successful design. Design Zone is organized into three thematic zones, all highlighting the importance of science and mathematical thinking in areas critical to building creativity and innovation: art, music, and engineering

“The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is excited to introduce such a fun and engaging exhibition that is sure to attract people of all ages,” said Jim Walther, Museum Executive Director. “STEM education and the creativity of art and music go hand-in-hand in this exciting exhibit!”

“Design Zone” will be on display at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History February 1 through April 26, 2020. This special exhibition is included with the price of admission into the museum. 

580 Interviews with the men and women who worked on the Manhattan Project

In a time where home-based education is taking place all over the nation, we invite you to visit our website, Voices of the Manhattan Project. This amazing collection of oral histories contains 580 audio/visual interviews with individuals who worked on the Manhattan Project. Interviews include General Leslie R. Groves, General Paul Tibbets (pilot of the Enola Gay), and a transcript of an interview with J. Robert Oppenheimer.

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Online Science Experiments, Educational Content, and Museum Tours!

Visit the Nuclear Museum's YouTube channel for science experiments you can do at home, quick tours of our museum exhibits, and more! Even though we are all at home, we can still have great fun with science!

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Virtual Tours of the Manhattan Project Sites!

Welcome to "Ranger in Your Pocket," with virtual tours of Manhattan Project sites! Each tour features audio/visual vignettes drawn from interviews with Manhattan Project veterans and their families. Take a self-guided tour of Hanford's B Reactor or Bathtub Row at Los Alamos, all from the comfort of your home.

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