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A Message from the Museum

At the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, all our guests and members of our community are extremely important to us. We are committed to providing our visitors with safe and enjoyable visits, and it is for this reason we are closed temporarily to ensure we follow public safety best practices.

Though our doors are closed, our museum team is working diligently behind the scenes to produce the most exceptional educational resources and enhanced exhibitions for our visitors, as we look forward to serving our community soon. The museum has also been cleaned and disinfected thoroughly in our commitment to maintain a safe environment for our visitors.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is an educational institution that is a non-profit organization that receives no city or state funding. We are here because of our visitors, and your support helps us remain America’s resource for nuclear science and history.

To help ensure the stability of our organization and its employees during this difficult time, we would like to ask for your support by making a donation or purchasing a membership to the museum.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is your museum, and any support you generously give ensures the museum facility and staff are able to reopen soon and provide you with the best events, exhibits, and education opportunities possible. By becoming a member, your membership will remain valid one year from the month we reopen to the public.

We are grateful for your support in helping us remain relevant to our community, and we look forward to see you all again when we re-open.

For information regarding our Spring Camps, please CLICK HERE.

What are the measures we are taking at the museum?

  • We are implementing additional measures to help ensure the well-being of all who walk through our doors. 
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting across the building, including any touchable displays, and encouraging all staff to practice healthy habits. 
  • Installing more hand sanitizers throughout public spaces and making disinfecting wipes available for visitors to use.
  • Asking any staff who aren’t feeling well to stay home. 

What we are asking visitors to do, once we re-open.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and follow other Everyday Preventive Actions recommended by the CDC. 
  • Stay home if you are sick, feel unwell, or have any cold symptoms. 
  • In the museum, find opportunities to spread out and explore quieter exhibition spaces you’ve never experienced before.

580 Interviews with the men and women who worked on the Manhattan Project

In a time where home-based education is taking place all over the nation, we invite you to visit our website, Voices of the Manhattan Project. This amazing collection of oral histories contains 580 audio/visual interviews with individuals who worked on the Manhattan Project. Interviews include General Leslie R. Groves, General Paul Tibbets (pilot of the Enola Gay), and a transcript of an interview with J. Robert Oppenheimer.

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Online Science Experiments, Educational Content, and Museum Tours!

Visit the Nuclear Museum's YouTube channel for science experiments you can do at home, quick tours of our museum exhibits, and more! Even though we are all at home, we can still have great fun with science!

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Virtual Tours of the Manhattan Project Sites!

Welcome to "Ranger in Your Pocket," with virtual tours of Manhattan Project sites! Each tour features audio/visual vignettes drawn from interviews with Manhattan Project veterans and their families. Take a self-guided tour of Hanford's B Reactor or Bathtub Row at Los Alamos, all from the comfort of your home.

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