Science on Tap -Meet Award-Winning Documentary Film Producer Larry Sheffield

Science on Tap is not your ordinary lecture series. Grab a beer from Bombs Away Beer Company and enjoy a relaxed presentation by scientists, researchers, and subject matter experts on various engaging science topics. Come join the conversation!

What's on Tap this Month?

Larry will discuss the three films he has worked on regarding the events in New Mexico between 1945-1950 including the Manhattan Project, the Trinity Site Test, Operation Paperclip, and the testing of the V-2 rockets, along with rare footage and research documents.

Join us on Friday, July 14th at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Doors open at 6:00 pm The presentation begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm.

Admission is $5 per person, and you must be 21 years to attend. Admission will provide each guest with one beer ticket. Guests can purchase additional drinks. IDs are required. Please drink responsibly. Event tickets can be purchased in advance below, or they can be purchased the night of the event at the door. Please email us with any questions.

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The talks are co-sponsored by the University of New Mexico, Explora!, and the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

Larry Sheffield

About Larry L. Sheffield

Larry L. Sheffield is an award-winning documentary film producer with a passion for exploring history’s most critical moments. Larry grew up in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and is currently producing several documentary films about events that happened in New Mexico around the Manhattan Project, the Trinity Site Test, Operation Paperclip, and other military events that shaped human history between 1945-1950.

Larry has a unique perspective on these events as his grandfather worked at Los Alamos, and Larry learned after his death that his grandfather had a security clearance and worked at Oak Ridge, TN; Hanford, WA; and Los Alamos, NM (Trinity Site) all in the span of 24 months back in 1944-1945.

Larry’s first film, Alamogordo, Center of the World, Trinity 1945, won recognition in four film festivals. His second film, Oppenheimer After Trinity, has been officially selected by ten film festivals to be considered for best documentary.