Tuesday, October 27 - Delayed Opening

Tuesday, December 27 - Due to inclement weather, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History will open at 10 am.



Veterans Day Virtual Event: November 11

As part of this year’s commemoration of Veterans Day, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History will hold a special virtual event on November 11, at 6:00 pm MT. Attendees will hear two presentations in this interesting event.

Toni Hiley, former director of the CIA Museum and current Secretary for the National Atomic Museum Foundation’s Board of Trustees, will talk about a series of extraordinary events in the life of an USAF veteran, Col. Hervey Stockman. The second presentation, by Taylor Schulmeister, Nuclear Physicist, will be an overview of the powerful forces generated during atomic detonations and how those forces influence the people and objects around them.

Sixty-four years ago, on July 4, 1956, Hervey Stockman piloted the first overflight of the Soviet Union in a CIA U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Stockman’s journey from P-51 pilot to CIA U-2 pilot to F-4C pilot and prisoner of war in a 31-year career with the USAF to his final resting place in Santa Fe National Cemetery is a compelling narrative that Toni heard first-hand from Col. Stockman.

Following Toni’s presentation on the late Col. Stockman, Taylor Schulmeister will present an overview of the different types of damage to people and objects that can result from the forces generated during an atomic detonation. This will include stepping through basic scientific principles associated with blast, thermal, and radiation damage.

Admission for this special, virtual event is $10 per household, and advance registration is required.

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