Atomic Advertising in the 20th and Early 21st Centuries : An exploration of cultural attitudes towards nuclear science and technology in advertising and packaging from 1910 to 2010.
Nuclear Science Merit Badge 1969 - 2009
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Boy Scouts of America has allowed participants to earn a badge related to nuclear science since 1964 when the "Atomic Energy" badge was first introduced. In 2005, this badge was renamed the "Nuclear Science" badge. Although this object is not something that would traditionally be considered advertising or packaging, earning this badge could serve as a means of recruitment for the next generation of nuclear engineers and researchers. In the acknowledgements of the Nuclear Science merit badge requirements pamphlet, you can see how national laboratories and universities play a role in educating young people about the nuclear industry.
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Nuclear Science Merit Badge
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Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Council
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Nuclear Science Merit Badge 1969-2009Nuclear Science Merit Badge 1969-2009