Closure Update due to COVID-19

We are committed to providing our visitors with safe and enjoyable visits, and it is for this reason the museum interior remains closed under the state's supervision. Heritage Park, the nine-acre outdoor exhibit area, and the Museum's Retail Store are now open daily, from 9 am to 4 pm. Learn more.


Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees:

Wayne Laslie, President

Ben Balkcom, CPA, Treasurer

Toni Hiley, Secretary

Abdiel Ramirez, Vice-President

Jerry Adams, Immediate Past President

Dr. Robert Busch

Aleli Colon

Dr. Joanna Fair

Dr. Gregg Franklin

Dr. Damon Giovaniell

Dr. Katrina Groth

Toni Hiley

Dave Jensen

Zabrina Johal

Dr. Tim Koeth

Michael McLaughlin

Dr. Chris Perfetti

Sarah Robinson

Elisha Saavedra-Torres

Robert Singer, Esq.

Dr. John Stichman


Marcus Mims, CPA

Michael Hartshorne, MD

Hal Behl

Dan Hardin

Charles R. Loeber

Judith Mead

Kimberly E.S. Meagher

Doug Moody

Greg Morrison

Richard Perry

Alison Schuler, Esq.

Pam Sullivan

Warner Talso

Gen. Tom Taylor

Dr. Ruth Weiner

James (Jim) Ferland

John Shaw